Sunday, 3 October 2010

Weigh in Wednesdays way late

So Madame has had a runny nose and been grumpy since Wednesday morning so not much luck in getting on the computer recently. My stats stayed the same this week no weight loss or gain which was not unexpected as I had the sinful week the week before and it usually takes a week or two to show up. Walking break down for the week:

Sept 23-29th

Thursday 6.5 miles
Friday 4.2 miles (rain)
Saturday 5.3 miles
Sunday 1.0 miles (heavy rain)
Monday 10.5 miles (butt hurt next day!)
Tuesday 3.5 miles (no rain but planned activities all day)
Wednesday 5.0 miles

The average for the week ends up being 5.1 miles a day. I wanted to point out because Jacqueline from Marbles Rolling blog commented, I do not go on one walk of 5ish miles a day. I usually do a 2-4 mile walk a day and the rest is toing and froing either in the house or if I pop out to the shops. I wear a pedometer and that is how I keep track. I have the luxury of having a grocery store and high street (British equivalent of a strip mall) walking distance from my house so I only really pull the car out for the once monthly large shop, if I know I am buying an extremely large or heavy item I can not walk home, or to get to a specific shop that is too far to walk.

Goals for this week:

I am not expecting much in the way of loss as I had above mentioned grumpy sick baby for half the week and did not get much walking in Thursday or Friday or track/plan what I ate. I am back on the wagon of tracking and planning what I eat so I am hoping to stay steady.

1. I want to continue to strive for an average of 5 miles a day walking

2. I get 10 extra points on my daily allowance as I am breast feeding, I want to start using these point mainly for fruit and or extra grains and lean protein. I have been eating pre-pregnancy style WW and then throwing in a candy bar or baked good. Not that a treat now and then is bad but in the next three months I will loose 5 points as Madame starts Baby Led Weaning and a further 5 points when she finishes breast feeding altogether and I don't want to go into shock when I loose my daily candy bar ;). I also want Madame to grow up with healthy eating habits and it is never to early to start!

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Michael5000 said...

Ooh, mileage tracking! Careful, it can get a little addictive...