Monday, 27 April 2009

Killing fairies and other detritis

I was informed today that if you reply thank you after someone say bless you for sneezing you kill a fairy. While I am not a believer in fairies I think I will err on the side of caution and come across rude as I don’t want to burn in hell for killing fairies.

Listing to the news on the radio Saturday morning I found it quite odd when the announcer said “Medical officials are doing everything they can today to stop the spread of swine flu.” Were they only going at it half heartedly yesterday and are they all on holiday tomorrow?

Watching TV yesterday I was subjected to an add selling beauty cream claiming to be the non surgical option to naturally beautiful skin. If I have to apply anything to my face does it not become unnatural, and if it is an alternative does that not also imply that surgery is a natural way to beautiful skin?

Monday, 20 April 2009

Random Tidying

So I have a new plan for when I can't find stuff I need. I use to hunt an peck for it in a most organized fashion checking first in the most likely place and then trying to figure out the last time I used the item and think back to where I was and then I went into the destroy the house and become obsessed with finding the item. This rarely worked and the missing item would show up a few day, week, months later at a really weird time in a place I swear I had looked for it. So I would be really irritated and I would have destroyed the house looking for it.

Now when I can't find something I engage in what I call random tidying. I admit to myself that I have no idea where the item I want is let it go and start tidying in a completely random fashion. I am in no way looking for the item I want, I put it completely out of my mind. I just start putting away the first item out of place that I find and let my mind lead me where I may. As I see half finished tasks I finish them up. This weekend it lead to me finding my dresser again and saving it from the mountain of clean clothing which had taken up residence. I reorganized three drawers in my bedside table and got rid of all my single socks that did not match up as well as organizing the extra buttons that always come with clothes. I finally unpacked all my craft stuff that I took to a crop a few weeks ago and somewhat tidied up my craft stuff. In the process I found the top coat I was looking for (behind the computer) and my bone folder that had been missing for over a week (under some stuff in a bag I had yet to unpack no sure how it got there as I have used it since the crop). I am thinking random tidying has multiple benefits and I may have to continue this idea.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Moving Day

So the new tenants of Casa de la Yank have been moved into there semi-permanent accommodation. I say semi-permanent because this was not the accommodation I wanted for them but after much looking at several places that sold plant accommodation with no luck finding what I wanted I gave up. I am sure that now I have re potted them I will find exactly what I am looking for.

My MIL and I went to Hyde Hall this afternoon, after a morning of working in her garden. This little fellow decided that he needed to come join me at my house. Looks like I am going to need more accommodations.

My MIL had a bag full of these bottle tops. Seriously how cool are these work just like a watering can. After a dig around in my recycle bin I found a bottle (I rinsed it really well as I am sure Diet Coke is engineered to KILL plants) and I was in business.

Can't really see the shower effect as I am trying to juggle the camera with my free hand. I am loving my new water bottle though.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Reading Lables

I like to read the labels on things, I usually do this when I am waiting for something. The pasta package while I am waiting for it to cook. The shampoo bottle while I am letting the conditioner sit for a minute or two. While I stood waiting for my crumpets to toast the other evening I was reading the label on my jar of Nutella. In big bold letters on the front it reads A full glass of skimmed milk in every jar, followed by an astric. Now having already read the list of ingredient I found this slightly funny. A product whose first ingredient is sugar is touting the fact that a full glass of SKIMMED milk goes into every jar. Following that little astric to the fine print I learn that an actual glass of skimmed milk does not go into every bottle but the equivalent of 220ml glass of skimmed milk in powder form goes into every jar. I seriously feel like my intelligence has been insulted lets call a spade a spade Nutella is just a seriously good excuse to put chocolate on your crumpets. It is not going to make my bones grow strong or sustain me until my next meal, it is kind of like those adds with sports stars saying Snickers were a source of nutrition for them that were so popular in the 90s. Snickers are a candy bar, I guess if you work as hard as a sports star you work off the calories but the average Jo who might go to the gym 2-3 times a week should not be chomping away thinking he/she will be the next all star NFL quarterback.

That said the crumpets with Nutella were excellent.

(Note: While I am not the woman in the picture I sort of wish I was)