Monday, 25 October 2010

Madame's Monday Update

Styling in your OshKosh B'gosh overalls from Grandpa America!

Dear Jocelynne,

We have had an over all grisly week, or it would probably be more true to say we have had a Mama just does not get the signals your sending week. Example, you were so happy the first few times I had you in the pushchair in the angled sitting position and then this week putting you in the pushchair became a chore. You would squirm and grunt and grisle and at best put up with it but were not your happy and content self that you usually are in the pushchair. In a rush over the weekend I left it in the flat position from a nap the day before and viola my happy pushchair girl was back, maybe you were not as ready as I thought to be in the sitting up position.

I also got a reality check in Child Led parenting vs sometimes I need to try things that may not seem like they are Child Led but may end up being the best option for you because I am after all the parent and responsible for your care parenting. You started waking every two hours in the night again, having a hard time settling down for the night and naps had gone back to the 1-2 30min power naps a day. I could deal with the waking ever two hours and even the power napping if it was working but the grisly child I had told me it wasn't and to be quite honest waking every two hours in the night makes for a grisly mama as well. After the third night when I was pretty sure it was not a growth spurt I realized that you were not feeding much during the day, I am not sure if this was of your own accord or if I had let things become so busy that I was not giving you the chance to feed as much as you wanted. So after a few days of offering feedings every two hours during the day and you being happy to do a good session at those feeds you seem to have moved back into a good night time routine and are back to only waking twice through the night for feeds. I get the benefit of a happy baby in the morning and a good little napper.

Now that you have learned how to go stiff like a plank and also go all squirmy I feel like I have a little Churchill. "I will fight you on your lap, I will fight you on your shoulder, I will fight you in the bath tub, the push chair, and the car seat." I don't think you are doing it on purpose as you always seem to be in a good natured mood I think it is just you learning you have more control over your body and how you use it.

We have started to really push for you to go straight into your crib at night for bed instead of letting you fall asleep on our bed and then moving you. I have also started to try and get your to nap in the crib. It is all in preparation for our 6 week trip to go visit Grandma and Grandpa America, they own a dog who loves to give kisses so you falling asleep on you play mat or in you bouncy chair for naps may cause problems, plus its just the right thing to do for you I think it will be the right choice in the long run.

Love and Kisses,


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