Wednesday, 29 September 2010

11 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,
You have started to settle yourself at night you like to lay in you crib and stare at the ceiling and talk to yourself. This is one of many looks I get when I come into to give you a kiss good night. You really melt my heart and at the same time it hurts to know you settle yourself now most of the time and you don't need me to feed you to slumber or cuddle and hold you until you drift off.
You love to watch what is going on, especially when we are in new surroundings. Your head just bobs back and forth and you take in everything going on around you.
I pulled out some of your 3-6 month clothing that runs smaller and some of it is fitting you at the moment though some of your 0-3 month clothes still looks large. The size disparity between stores makes me laugh. You have now weighed in at 11lbs 11oz, My bet is you will double your birth weight sometime around the 3 month mark.
Love you to bits,

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Weylin and Tori said...

Your madame looks just like you in that picture! She is adorable!