Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Over two year ago I joined Weight Watchers and posted this post. With the exception of my pregnancy I spent most of that two years with the same group and love the mainly ladies and a guy or two I see every week at my Wednesday evening meeting. After Madame was born I was itching to get back not just to loose weight but to catch up with all the ladies and have the friendships back.

In my mind Madame would just seamlessly fit in with the 7.15-8.15 meeting. I could take her feed her if needed during the meeting and if she fell asleep put her down in her car seat and carry her into her crib when we got home. I laugh at this thought now, Madame LOVES having a routine and that routine starts at 5.30 and she is asleep sometime between 6 and 7 depending on how tired she is and if she gets wind with her last feeding. This would still allow me time to make it to my meeting if my husband did not work late 90% of the time and not get home to watch Madame.

After much thought and deciding that Madame's routine was the most important thing and the benefits for her out weighed my selfish desire to stay with the group I had come to know and love. I have spoken with my leader and she does a morning meeting on Fridays and this Friday Madame and I will be attending.

I am not much good at carrying over from Friday to Wednesday so weigh in Wednesdays is no more. I am thinking something like Fitness Fridays or something on Saturdays. Last Thursday and Fridays mileage was 7.2 miles both days and I will start from last Saturday's mileage when when I post on Friday so it runs a week at a time.

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