Saturday, 9 August 2014

Currently I'm. . .

Reading. . .  It Starts With Food

Playing. . .  A whole lot of "Frozen" with Joss where one person is Elsa and one person is Anna and we recreate the "Do you want to build a snowman" song. I also like to unwind now and again with some Bejeweled Blitz on my phone.

Watching. . .  Extant and Under The Dome on Amazon Prime.  I am finished with the first season of Under the Dome it is ok but not earth shattering.  Extant is released one episode a week and I find it good but also a bit slow I would have thought by the fifth episode we would be further along but I feel there is a TON of character development and it just seems to weigh to whole thing down.  Both are good for a bit of relaxing before bed.

Trying. . . Not to loose all my marbles over the summer holidays!

Cooking. . .  a big miss I have fallen out of love with my cooking and baking and kitchen creating.  I think part of it is having a picky 4 year old who will 99.9% of the time turn her noise up at what I cook turning me into what feels like a short order cook making 2-3 different meals for dinner to accommodate her and part of it is I have lost touch with food hence my reading selection above.

Eating. . .  Crap Crap and more Crap hence the reading selection above.

Drinking. . .  Pepsi Max oh my one true love!  I have also found recently a can of Gin and Tonic with Pink Grapefruit Juice at one of the supermarkets and I am in LOVE with it when it comes to a grown up drink.

Calling. . .  Daddy (Philip) every day around 3pm for Joss to say hi and again before bedtime for Joss to grill him on what he has eaten over the day and put in her order for breakfast. She also tells him all the "bad" things she has done that day (her idea not mine she just starts telling him about every tantrum she has thrown and why?!?!)

Skype Messaging. . . My 8 year old niece makes me feel old guess that "how they roll" these days

Pinning. . . Whole lotta Christmas craft ideas

Crafting. . . Mostly knitting but have also gotten into loom bands with my nieces and found this tutorial on how to do it with two pencils which makes it easy enough for Joss to do it.

Doing. . . 2 gym work outs a week with the kids in the creche.  I tend to do a class as I like that I can't wimp out as easy if I was working out on my own.

Going. . . To the park ALL THE TIME pretty much 3-5 times a week we have found that 8am is a brilliant time for the park because no one else it there and Jasper can run around with out getting into trouble with bigger kids and I can spend some time focusing on Joss and helping her with stuff like learning to swing on her own.

Loving. . . Knitting it is my sanity and I love the knitting groups I go to on a Wednesday and Saturday. There is something powerful about women of all ages and back grounds coming together over craft.  There is always a good amount of knatter and laughing.

Hating. . . The lack of routine over summer, I have tried to build as much routine in as possible with certain activities on certain days but there is still LOTS of time to fill and our day is broken up by Jasper's nap.

Thinking. . .about new school routines and how best to set up our time

Feeling. . . Nervous and Frustrated.  On the cusp of so many things but just have to give it all time.  Time that I know will fly by but the moments seem so long.

Hoping. . . For a smooth transition into school for Joss and all the new routines and changes it will bring.

Listening to. . . Frozen it is pretty much all we listen to in the car if Joss is with us and she pretty much always is, I also find myself getting to work realizing I have missed the opportunity for grown up radio as I have just let Frozen play the whole time.  I have also really enjoyed listening to podcasts before bed as I wind down some of my favourites right now are Answer Me This, No Such Thing as a Fish, and The Infinite Monkey Cage

Celebrating. . . Oh so many birthdays. That's what happens when you take a birth class with your first and stay close with all the parents 7 birthdays including Joss's from 28th of June to the 2nd of August!

Considering. . . a job change

Finishing. . . Knitting projects I have a jumper for Jasper I have been knitting for a while but have put down and picked up a number of times between different projects and need to finish it so he can enjoy it for the autumn.

Starting. . . Christmas craft projects