Monday, 2 May 2011

BBQs, Bonnets, Bluebells and Much Much More

After two four day bank holiday weekends in a row we are a little hung over on fun and excitement here. It seems like we have been going non stop for almost two weeks and while it has been fun it will be nice to get back to normality. I also feel that I have been failing to document Madame and how quickly she is changing and growing and the new tricks she learns almost daily.

The Wednesday before Easter saw a trip with Auntie Pauline to Hyde Hall gardens which have some stunning gardens and views of the area around it.

Madame decided to wear her outfit that Auntie Jeanette got her which says I love my Auntie. Different Auntie but as Auntie Jeanette lives far away in America we thought Auntie Pauline would enjoy it. (Thank you Auntie Jeanette she looks way too cute in it)

Good Friday Madame had her first swimming experience and she loved it so much we have been back twice already and have plans for many more trips.
That evening we attended a BBQ at Auntie Pauline’s and Uncle Richards. Jocelynne had a great time playing with all the fun toys Auntie Pauline had for her and the yummy food Auntie Pauline had made just for her. Thanks Uncle Richard for getting such great photos of Madame!

Saturday I made my first of what I think will be many Easter Bonnets over the years to come. Tooting my own horn I think it turned out lovely.

Easter Sunday I decided to indulge Madame with a few small pieces of Easter chocolate from Grandma Kay against my better judgment and Madame repaid my kindness by being sick all over her Easter dress. Luckily there was a cute back up dress.

As we came out of church service the Salvation Army marching band was marching in front of our church on the way to theirs just down the road Madame had a lovely time waving to them as they passed by.

Grandma Kay joined us for Easter lunch and Madame enjoyed having someone else to terrorize um I mean entertain her. Monday while Daddy attended the annual motor bike show on the seafront I wore Madame out with another trip to the pool and then we joined Daddy for lunch at Bobby Jo’s American style diner.

After a few days of boring day to day we got back to it again Friday with a Royal Wedding and a Royal Wedding themed first birthday party for Madame’s friend Amelia. Madame had a fittingly patriotic outfit.

Amelia’s mum did an amazing job with the food and cakes to match the theme.

Daddy also braved porriage with Madame for breakfast while Mummy got to sleep in. Even after the best attempts to clean her up with a wash cloth we just gave in a threw her in the bath before we headed off for the birthday party.

Saturday we attended a belated Easter party thrown by the great Baby Sensory leader Jenny Sexton, Madame and I love attending her weekly sessions and I think Daddy had a good time being able to join in the fun with Madame.

Yesterday after church Madame enjoyed her first walk in the woods with Grandma Kay as we went out to see the bluebells, unfortunately Mummy forgot to take any pictures.

Today we had another trip to the swimming pool and then a quiet afternoon. Daddy goes back to work tomorrow and I know we are going to miss him, especially at dinner and bath time by that point of the day Mummy is worn out and has appreciated all the help that Daddy has been around to give.

We do have the bank holiday at the end of the May to look forward to and Daddy has taken the Friday before and the Tuesday after off. We are already planning lots of fun activities hopefully to include a first trip to Colchester Zoo for Madame.