Monday, 4 October 2010

Madame's Monday Update

Madame was born on a Monday and so when I first started posting updates it seemed reasonable to post them with how old she was in weeks. The problem becomes that in a few years time it would be 152 week post and such. My goal in posting weekly was to keep my friends and family who lived far away updated and also to have a record when she hits milestones or things I didn't want to forget. So in keeping with my goal to keep everyone updated I will continue to post on Mondays with a photo of Jocelynne and a Dear Jocelynne letter. On big occasions like monthly markers I will post on the day it falls in a different format, so just the photo this week no Dear Jocelynne letter, we will be back to the letters next week. I know I am bias but how cute is she?

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