Friday, 22 February 2013

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday was a good day, a day without drama, the most dramatic thing was a small melt down when J didn't want to leave her friends and hey I didn't want to leave either can’t blame her. Yesterday was full of somersaults and beam crossing, sharing snacks with her best friend Seb, tuna pasta bake for lunch.  Yesterday saw a trip to Seb’s house for a play date while mummy went to see “the special” baby doctor (even that was drama free for once).  Yesterday had favorite snacks while mummy waited to get a special shot to keep her and baby healthy (whooping cough vaccination).  Yesterday was fun in the bath tub and a quick nodding of to sleep from both mummy and J.

Today, today was full of drama. The kind of drama that make you wonder when the parenting police are going to show up and inform you that actually you are not good enough to be your child’s parents.  Today was full of NO!, repeated falling over one’s own feet. Today included the poor village of Happy Land People being flooded by a wee in the knickers accident and then only an hour and an antibacterial bath later the same small village was bombarded by a flying tuna fish sandwich and raisins when J was  carrying her lunch “myself”. Today nap was met with tears, today snacks were asked for every 5 minutes but only the unhealthy ones were wanted. Today a 30 minute melt down was survived while driving home from Auntie Debbie’s house because I forgot to let J “do it myself” and lifted her into the car seat instead of letting her climb in herself.  This was followed by a smaller tantrum because rain boots and socks were taken off in the car and in a hurry to get in the house mummy only put the boots on not the socks.  Mummy has now learned it is impossible to climb the stairs into the house with only rain boot and no socks on. Today mummy let J play with an almost empty pack of baby wipes so that she could speak to her mummy for a bit.  Best £.49 I have spent this week.

Tomorrow, tomorrow daddy is home it is always better when daddy is home.  Tomorrow we will go to see Grandma and Grandmas are good.