Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Right now I am. . .

Reading The Hunger Games Trilogy.  Are they the best books I have ever read?  No.  Are they interesting enough to keep my attention and be thought provoking? Yes.  They are the first books I have finished since J was born so that says a lot.  I use to read 2-3 books a week before she was born but I also had at least a two hour commute everyday on a train so that was easy.

Enjoying the fact that the first of the British strawberries are in season.  I always get excited when they arrive in the shops and really never do get tired of them even though I tend to gorge myself on them.  J doesn't like them, I just don't think she knows what she is missing.

Trying to do my nails at least once a week, I use to do them quite often when I worked in London and do love a nicely manicured set of nails.  Even when I can't get them polished I am trying to keep them trimmed, filed, and cuticles maintained.  I am really loving Kristina Werner's blog Daily Something I have followed her crafting blog for many years and am loving her new nail blog.  Last night I gave the gradient manicure a try with some purples I had in my stash, need some practise but love the look.

Amazed at how much J is learning, she loves to get her self dressed in the morning and only needs a little bit of help.  She is starting to be so independent and like to help choose what she is wearing, put her own shoes on, help with tasks around the house.  I sometimes forget that while it might take longer to have her help at the moment by putting the time and effort in now I will have a child who is much more self sufficient in the future.

Trying not to make excuses for not doing things just because everything take 20 times longer with a toddler.  I really need to get J signed up for swim lessons in the fall but the first 2 terms are Mommy and Me classes and the thought of all the effort to pack the swim bag, get us both in our suites, do the class, get us both dry and changed, and committing most of an afternoon as the dressing and undressing is a slow process is some times daunting.  I don't however want J growing up never doing anything because it is an effort on my part.

Wearing purpose made pyjamas.  I know it sounds silly but after J was born while I was loosing the baby weight I just wore yoga pants and a tank top and when these got too big I started wearing old leggings and a  tank top and when the legging got to thread bare I started stealing Philip's boxers with a tank top.  With a trip to my parents looming and the certain knowledge that neither my parents nor my teenage sister want to see me walking around in my husbands boxer (really never as cute as when you see Jennifer Aniston do it in the movies) I bought a pair of pyjamas.  Nothing special but they make me happy.

So excited about the above mentioned trip to see my parents.  It has been 18 months since we last saw them and this will be the first time in over 5 years that Philip will be with me when I go home.