Friday, 22 October 2010

Fitness Fridays

I was not hoping for much this week and was even expecting to maybe gain some weight as a trip to London requires a trip to Lola's best cupcakes this side of the pond! Then Tuesday was the bake sale at my breastfeeding support group to support Breast Cancer Awareness month and seriously it would be rude not to buy a cupcake I struggled not to buy two! To top it off a lunch invitation to a friend's house required a batch of Red Velvet Cupcakes. While some of this was planned into my points, not all of it could be swallowed and I know the reason I still managed to loose a 1/2lb this week was my pavement pounding this week.

Weight loss this week .5lb

Total weight loss 8.5lb

Current weight 177.5


Friday 5.5

Saturday 6.5

Sunday 5.5

Monday 7

Tuesday 5.5

Wednesday 6

Thursday 6.5

This week for the first time since I set myself the goal of doing 5 miles a day I have actually done that every day for a week. Some weeks past I have averaged 5 miles a day due to a few large mileage days. I have to say it felt good and I was proud of myself but. . . . It was REALLY hard with Madame this week, one of the days we went out for a walk and she was grisly for no reason and I ended up heading home very quickly and was lucky enough to get a happier baby in the afternoon. The weather was amazing this week and I was able to dodge any bad weather with a lot of prep and keeping up with daily and hourly weather reports, this is something I can't really keep up on, I just don't have that kind of planning time at the moment. I have also let a lot of other balls drop in my life right now to make the walking work so I think maybe going for an average of 5 miles a day over a week is a better option, that way I can use Madame's good days and good weather days to my advantage. I can also use bad weather days to keep up with non exercise stuff.

Making better food choices:

Well if you read the first paragraph you will see that this week has been heavy on the goodies. I am still struggling with fruit, I am managing to get things like plums and banana's in about once a week. Unfortunately due to bonded front teeth I can't eat apples and pears whole and finding the time to cut them up just isn't working. I know I need to MAKE time but that is easier said than done as I still struggle to make food and food choices a priority. I will just have to keep trying. Philip is great at getting me out of a rut food wise and has been bringing in new more seasonal vegetables into our dinners. He made some rocking sweet potato wedges the other night and now all I can think of are sweet potatoes!

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Jacqueline and Andy said...

Your mileage is inspiring! Great job!! Do you ever put J in a sling for your walks? At week two I started walking every day three miles, and I would stick Roscoe in my hotsling...looking back it is probably not something I would do again, for various reasons, but in the right circumstance it could help with a fussy baby during exercise time.