Monday, 31 May 2010

32 weeks

Dear Sprog,

Mummy is getting slow, really slow. Daddy now measure how slow people are in comparison to mummy. He said the other day that one of his Chef de Parties made me look fast. Sometimes Daddy forgets how slow Mummy is and looks back after a couple hundred yards to realize that Mummy is far behind.

We had an appointment with the midwife this week and she said you have a very strong heartbeat and Mummy’s tummy is right on target for growth. We talked more about our plan to try a home birth and gave me some advice.

I can’t believe how much fruit and salad I am craving lately, we have tons of fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and usually a huge salad for lunch. Trying to keep things balanced we usually have crap for dinner like a whole package of flapjacks or cheesecake or brownies, gotta have some ying with your yang.

Mummy’s friend Rachel is leaving for the US for a few months and won’t be here for your birth so she gave Mummy your gift early. I think she was worried that mummy would not buy you anything in pink or with frills so she made sure to get you LOTS of pink frilly stuff. You can thank her when she gets back in September.
Love you much

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

30 weeks

Dear Sprog,
Daddy was able to go with us to our midwife appointment last week and got to hear your heart beat, think he liked it. Mummy and Daddy are both learning loads at our antenatal classes, last week we learned all about a natural birth, we like this and would prefer that you decide to come out this way. Also last week I mentioned that full term was 37 weeks and you could come out anytime after that, well we just learned that Daddy does not get paid paternity leave if you show up before the 18th of July so I if you wouldn't mind staying in until then. I retract the before mentioned holding it against you and all that.
Last week we finally got a new Prime Minister after much negotiation and coalition making. Sorry you will be born under a conservative PM. Mummy did not get to vote. Don't worry if you want to grow up and be a conservative I will still love you, goodness know Grandma and Grandpa still love mummy even though she is a little liberal for their liking. I do have to mention though that David Cameron (that's your new PM) is talking about getting rid of Child Tax credits for the income bracket Mummy and Daddy fall into so I hope you were not dreaming of having a pony.
On a less serious note the evening kickboxing class you seem to have enrolled in keeps Mummy amused for the whole train ride home, so thanks.
All the love in the Universe,

Friday, 14 May 2010

What is on a Pregnant woman mind right now?

You asked it's pretty scattered and scary.


I wonder if David Cameron realized when joining the Conservative party a million years ago that one day he would never again be able to wear a red tie. I wonder if he wakes up some mornings and thinks, damn I am really bored with wearing the same blue tie every single day.

I wonder if Nick Clegg's choice of a green tie yesterday was a subliminal message about the Lib-Dem Conservative coalition. Might as well throw all those yellow ties away Judas. How does it feel to be sleeping with the enemy? You have so sold out your party and it ideals for what I ask? Being Deputy PM? It is more of a laughable role the Vice President in the US. I will buy you some nice blue ties for Christmas.

I wonder if Gordon Brown is secretly thinking suckers I don't even have to wear a tie unless I want and if I did want to wear a tie I could choose ANY colour, bit me.

Monday, 10 May 2010

29 weeks

Dear Sprog,
If Mummy gets any bigger they are going to have to roll her like the kid in Charlie and the Chocolate factory who tried the candy he shouldn't have.
Daddy and I started antenatal classes a few weeks ago and have already had the class on a planned c-section, Mummy would prefer you did not come out this way so if you would work on that for me.
We also got your cot a few weeks ago it is sitting at the bottom of the stairs, it is the first big purchase and even though it is still in the box it seems to make it a little more real. Your brother Kitty is not impressed with the new box in the house or all the other little things that seem to be appearing. However he does like to curl up next to Mummy's belly to sleep at night so I am hoping the two of you will be good friends in time.
The books say you are about the size of an acorn squash now. Seem very big, but not big enough to come out yet. Just wanted to let you know that 37 weeks is considered full term so if you felt you were cooked enough by then to come out Mummy would welcome you with open arms. If not I will just remind you how long I served for as your host on every single occasion available until you are at least 40 years old. No pressure.
P.S. we are working on a name for you, I promise you will not be know as the Sprog FOREVER, just the first five years of your life or so.