Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Weigh in Wednesdays

Unfortunately even though I had hope to hold steady this week after a bad start to the week with Madame being under the weather with a runny nose it was not to be. I ended up gaining a pound. Most of this can be put down to snarfing most of a carrot cake I made on Sunday when I was stressed and rain getting in the way of walking. Update on goals:


Thursday: Lost Pedometer and rain
Friday: Lost Pedometer and rain
Saturday: 10.5 miles
Sunday: 2.3 miles
Monday: 9.5 miles
Tuesday: Lost Pedometer (yeah I know I am pathetic)
Wednesday: 5.2 miles

It averages almost four miles a day I had really wanted to do better. I am trying to implement always taking off the pedometer and putting it in the same place hopefully that will help. I am also meeting up with another mother one day a week and doing a 7 mile walk plus the mile each way to meet up with her that was the over 10 miles the last two Mondays. I have also started to look at places that I drive when I meet up with other mums and have started to realize that they are less than two miles I might as well walk because parking is hard around where we live, hopefully that will help.

Eating Better

As I mentioned above I downed almost a whole carrot cake while under stress so I have really failed this week. I can only push to do better.

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