Wednesday, 24 February 2010

19 Weeks

-How far along? 19 weeks!

-How big is baby? About the size of a mango

-Weight gain/loss? Even though I was terrified I might break the scale when I got on I was pleasantly surprised to find out I am only up 6lb

-Maternity clothes? Mix and match. Maternity for jeans and trousers I can still get away with normal tops

-Stretchies? None from pregnancy yet.

-Sleep? I tend to wake ever hour or two after midnight.

-Best moment this week? Hearing the Heartbeat at midwife appointment and feeling baby move more.

-Movement? Bubbles and Flutters, sometimes something more.

-Food cravings? Anything baked.

-Gender? Gut feeling is it’s a boy, we shall see March 11th

-Labor signs? none.

-Belly button in or out? In

-What I miss? Doing anything with speed, I have gotten so slow at everything.

-What I am looking forward to? Philip being able to feel the kicks

-Weekly wisdom? There is no shame in napping over lunch in the staff room even if you have had 8 hours of sleep.