Monday, 30 August 2010

Seven Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

Your personality has really come out this week. I can't belive how much you smile now, wish you would do it for the camera.

You gave Mummy and Daddy our first scare this week. After being grumpy all evening and not really wanting to eat you started to scream at the top of your lungs and felt very warm. Mummy rang Daddy who was just down the road to come home. We took you tempature which was slightly above average but not fever stage and you were still screaming at full wack. While Mummy go dressed Daddy got you in the car and we rushed off to the emergency room. Before we were at the end of the road you were asleep. After a call to your Grandma Kay to decide if we were over reacting taking you to the emergency room (she kindly pretty much said we were probably over reacting but better safe than sorry if we had any doubt) we stop off at a late night pharmacy, spoke to the pharmacist and decided that we were over reacting and took you home still asleep. You slept most of the night and woke up like it was nothing at all

Please no more scares, but sleeping through the night is always allowed!


Monday, 23 August 2010

6 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

Daddy got to go with us to the baby clinic and you are up to 10lbs 8.5oz. Stop growing that's an order from Mummy and Daddy. This week you have been smiling more when people talk to you or tickle you, every time Mummy tries to grab the camera you do your little old man faces though.

Last week on Tuesday we got to meet up with all but one of the mums and babies from out birthing class, even with all the weight you have put on your still one of the runts there is only one baby smaller than you! Though you have put on the most weight since birth as all the other babies were born between 8lbs and 9lbs 8oz.

Mummy has been expressing milk for a freezer stash and this week while Daddy has been off we have been working on introducing the bottle to you. Your still not sure what to make of it, you have realized you can get the milk but are not impressed by the delivery system and after you finished your first bottle with Daddy you jump right on the breast and looked at me like I was crazy for ever thing you would want a bottle.

When you fall asleep all snuggled in the crook of my arm I can't imagine life with out you.

Mummy and Daddy love you so much!

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Does this make my bum look big?

The cloth diapers finally arrived in the right size and I got them through the wash 4-5 time to improve their absorbency. I can't believe how cute she is in them, I love patting her well cushioned bum! We are still using disposables at night while we get use to them also because I can hardly stumble to the changing table let alone make sure I have all the diaper in the cover so we don't have leakage. I think in time when we get more comfortable with the cloth diapers we will use them all the time.
In a side note I realized that since I take a majority of the pictures on the bed and I always have the same sheets on you must think I never change the sheets. In fact the sheets get changed every day to two days because Madame hangs out on the bed when I am in our room and does an excellent job at spitting up and blowing out diapers on the sheets. I happen to have two sheet sets that a are exactly the same, they came to me for free and I have had them for over 5 years so I don't care if she stains them. Maybe one day when she is older we can go back to all the fun sheets I have!

Monday, 16 August 2010

5 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

Seriously 5 weeks? Mummy got brave this week while Daddy was away for work on Monday she took a shower without taking the bouncy chair or the car seat into the bathroom. You had fallen a sleep in you sling so Mummy carefully put you in your cot turned the baby monitors on and ripped her clothes off and took the fastest shower she has ever taken. You slept through the whole thing and then for another 2 1/2 hours after that. Mummy was not sure what to do with herself you had never slept so long in the cot before. Mummy was so excited that she sat in bed awake most of the time.

You seem to have shed your nickname Sprog, Mummy is not surprised since we had not met you yet when we picked it. Your nicknames recently are Madame, Madame Mucky Pants, She Who Spits Up A Lot, and Little Miss Fussy Butt. Mummy also refers to you as J when she texts or is typing one handed.

You made your first trips by bus and train this week and Mummy prayed so hard you would sleep as she did not want to be THAT woman with the crying baby. You did good while we were actually on the train and bus but had a little melt down at the train station. Nothing like nursing in public during rush hour at a busy train station to give you nerves of steel when it come to nursing in public.

At your baby clinic weigh in today you were up to 9lbs 10oz, you are definitely working on storing up the baby fat for winter.

Love you so much,


Sunday, 15 August 2010

Napping House

Nothing better on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe Mama should get in on the action, or lack there of.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Baby Wearing Daddy

As Daddy is away for work and we miss him I thought it would be fun to post pictures of him from our walk to Leigh on Sea from Sunday. I thought we had done about 6 miles round trip but I plugged it into google and it turns out closer to 10 miles round trip. No wonder my bum hurts so much. Good thing most of it was slow and leisurely and we met up with friends for two hours about halfway!

4 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

The weeks seem to be passing so quickly unlike Mummy's third trimester of pregnancy that she never thought would end.

We had a cloth diaper fail on Friday when the company Mummy ordered from sent the wrong size diapers. Mummy was not a happy camper, they are sending the right size but it will probably be close to the end of this week before they arrive. Mummy was so irritated to have to buy another pack of disposable diapers.

Mummy packed up the last of you New Born size clothes as you are now to big for them, I can't believe how quickly you are growing. At the baby clinic this afternoon you weighed 9lb 5oz which is right on the 50 percentile.

Yesterday we got to meet up with Laura and Frasier from our birthing class and their new daughter Charlotte, I am so hoping you two will be friends as you get older.

In other news Mummy is getting much more confident with nursing you in public so we don't have to plan our outings around your feeding times places that have feeding areas. I am so happy that this is coming along I want you to be use to coming and going.

I love you so much,

P.S. You have gone vintage with your outfit today, you are sporting a dress that was made for Mummy by your Great Grandma Eubank. Grandma Traci was kind enough to pack it away and move it oh 35 times while Mummy was growing up. I love you little ruffle bum!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Every Choice You Make Has a Consequence

This phrase has never been as real for me as it is right now having just dropped my mom off at the airport to fly home a few hours ago. The freshly bathed, recently fed, warm bundle strapped to my chest in her sling is a constant reminder of the decision I made to follow the man I cared deeply for to England and eventually marry him and have a child with him. Mr. Y in E thought it our much better than me and asked on multiply occasion when we discussed trying for children and also while I was pregnant if I was OK with the fact I was having a baby so far away from my family. Intellectually I knew it would be hard but in much my fashion of late I just figured I would soldier on, anything less would be admitting defeat. I never allowed myself to consider the emotional aspect of my choice. Plus I knew no matter where we lived here in England or in the US we would be "depriving" one set of family from being near Madame.

So this afternoon when I put Madame in her cot and wound up the mobile Grandma Traci got her so I could run her bath, she cooed and watched it go round, I bawled. I cried feeling like a horrible daughter for producing such a lovely grand daughter for my parents but doing it thousands of miles away in a foreign country. This is one choice that living with the consequences may sting for a very long time.

Monday, 2 August 2010

3 Weeks

Dear Jocelynne,

What a week it has been for you, on Wednesday you met most of Daddy's extended family when we went to the wake for you great grandma Lilly who passed away a week after you were born. You were passed around from cousins to aunts and uncles and slept the whole time. Thursday we went to pick up you Grandma Traci from Heathrow airport and you were such a champ for the journey. Grandma Traci calls you portababy and you are, as long as you are in your pushchair, your sling, or you car seat in a moving car you are a happy baby. Mummy is so happy she bought such a good stroller for taking you on walks it was definitely worth the investment. At your weigh in today you put on even more weight and are up to 8lbs 10oz. I look at you and you look so big I can't believe that there are lots of babies born around your weight. This week we have moved you into size two New Baby sized disposable diapers while we wait for your cloth diapers to arrive and for Mummy to prep them. Mummy is so excited to get you in the cloth diapers and be done with disposables.


P.S. Your little blue dress was a gift from Grandma Traci, Mummy freaked out when we found out that you were a girl that we would be stuck with pink for the first 18 years of you life and banned immediate family from buying pink. So Grandma Traci went to Carters in the US and found the only blue dress ever made probably. Gotta love grandmas!