Friday, 15 October 2010

Fitness Fridays

So I made my first visit to my new Weight Watchers group. I have the same leader that I had for Wednesday night meeting and I have to say that the other ladies (there were no men, this week at least) seemed really lovely and there was even another mother of a little girl just younger than Madame who is also doing WW while breastfeeding.

This week after tracking all but one meal that I ate at a friends house and couldn't really ask for nutritional information and working really hard on getting out to do at least 5miles a day I was able to loose 3lbs including the pound I gained last week which brings me down to 178lbs a total loss of 8lbs.


Saturday: 0 (I spent the day at a crafting crop and didn't bother to put my pedometer on)
Sunday: 6.7
Monday: 5.2
Tuesday: 4.0
Wednesday: 5.5
Thursday: 0 (forgot to put my pedometer on it was a bad day for walking I would guess2-3 miles)

I usually do my Monday 10mile route with another mother but missed it this week as Madame had her second set of immunizations. I have however on most days picked up the pack and am doing my miles faster, I think this is a result of putting Madame's pushchair in the upright position, it allowed me to have better posture and really have a go of it. I am back to my 10 mile route this Monday and really looking forward to it. I have also started looking into a group called Pushy Mothers which uses a trainer and incorporates more than just walking such as squats and other exercises.

Eating Better

The more fruit goal it still not going too well. I can't eat whole apples due to my front teeth being bonded and as I have little time to "prep" fruit i.e. peel, or chop. A lot of fruit is on my I like it but don't have time list. I have been eating plums and been getting some kiwis in as well. I have though been filtering out the crap and adding in more lean protein adding salads to almost every dinner and bulking up the "nutritious" part of my meals to use up my points. I have some white rice and pasta to use up in the cupboards and then I am looking at switching to brown rice and whole wheat pasta. I have also decided to use some of my extra points on food that in the past I have considered "sinful" but on some thought not as "sinful" and full of crap as a chocolate bar, say a small portion of cheese on things.

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