Sunday, 13 March 2011

Giving into the Mess

I have to admit that when I chose to do BLW part of my decision was based on laziness. The last thing I really wanted to do was sit and shovel spoonful after spoonful of food into Madame’s mouth. I would rather put it out for her and let her do the hard work. Yes there is TONS of mess to begin with but I also looked at it as an investment, hoping that it would improve her fine motor skills and with any luck learning to use utensils sooner, which is still to be seen. However when starting out I also knew I wanted Madame to allow me to spoon feed her when necessary, this quickly turned into a big fail. I am not sure if this was due to what I tried to start Madame out on with spoon feeding (quinoa cereal) or just the fact that Madame is terribly independent and was not going to have the whole being fed thing when she thought she could do it herself. After a few weeks of failed attempts I pretty much gave up on things like porridge and soups and anything Madame could not easily pick up herself.

Someone suggested letting her feed herself by putting a bowl on her tray with a spoon and while I did not mind the mess all over her I knew it would be all of 10 seconds before Madame had the bowl up in the air and on the floor and I really had no desire to constantly be cleaning up porridge or soup off the floor. Today the answer became clear as I was grocery shopping. A bowl that suctioned to her high chair tray, I suctioned it close enough for her to use a spoon (not that she does hands are much easier) and let her go to town.

I am happy to say that Madame is terribly efficient at using her hand to scoop porridge into her mouth and towards the end even perfected a technique to scoop up the porridge with rice cake. Way to go Madame!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake Day

In honour of Pancake Day Madame used her teeth to pick the blueberries out of some pancakes (see if mom ever makes her pancakes again!)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Madame's Monday Update

Sideways because she can

Dear Jocelynne,

So no new teeth this week I think that is a first for you at least in the last 6-8 weeks. Don’t feel bad or like you are falling behind really 9 teeth is plenty for the moment. I finally looked up how many baby teeth you will get and it is 20 so we are not even half way there. Seems like a lot of work to not even be half way there. Not that I am in any hurry for you to get the other 11 you have plenty of time really most of your friends your age only have 2-4 teeth.

You have made up for your lack of teething this week with a lovely runny nose. It is never ending I feel bad that all I do is wipe your nose. I turn around for two seconds and you have two huge ribbons of snot running down your face. Sometimes you blow the hugest snot bubbles it makes me laugh. Yup I said it snot bubble, said it on my blog for posterity to read hundreds of years from now, that’s right your great great grandchildren are going to know that you blew really big snot bubbles. On the not so funny side those snot bubbles turned green and you got a fever and started to pull your ears so we got to do our first round of antibiotics. They are fluorescent yellow and imitation banana flavour and you love them. I feel like the last two months of feeding you wholesome food is flushed down the toilet by how much you like your imitation banana flavoured antibiotics.

Speaking of wholesome food I have now realized that when I give you blueberry pancakes you put the whole pancake to your mouth and use your teeth to pick out the blueberries and leave the pancake untouched. I don’t know if I should be impressed at your skills to pick blueberries out of pancakes with your teeth at less than 8 months old or if I should be insulted that you are leaving the perfectly good pancakes I laboured to make you untouched.

You slept from 6pm to 3am last night without waking. I was so excited when I realized that you had slept for 9 hours without waking I almost woke your father to tell him. Luckily just before I did I realize he might not be that impressed with the news at 3am. I am hoping this was not just a fluke but will now become a habit.

Love you much,