Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Well Over Due (in more ways than one!)

Jasper Eugene joined us at 3.06pm on the 9th of May.
 He decided to keep us waiting a week past his due date .

Jocelynne is still smitten with him over two weeks later

One week old

Two weeks old

Jocelynne meeting Jasper for the first
time the morning after he was born

In so many ways both his birth and his just over two short weeks in this world have helped me to realize I  am and was a better mother than I realized so very many "issues" there were with Jocelynne right from the get go made me feel that maybe I should have done things different and now seeing how different Jasper is even though he has the same mother have made me realize that Jocelynne was just a very different baby and there was nothing I should or could have done to change that.