Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Weigh in Wensdays

So back to the chain gang and the healthy lifestyle. I spent three weeks off from paying attention to what I ate and to be quite honest I am disgusted with myself. I allowed myself to eat things I would never dream of eating when I am good and stick to a healthy eating plan. Not to worry I have been reborn and taken weight watchers into my heart and all of that crap. Hubby is excited to shed some pounds this year as well so with any luck he can help me along. The house has been purged of things I can not resist and my goal for the month of January is to loose the 4.5lb I gained over the holiday season. Yup 4.5 bringing me up to 175.5. So I am going to spend this weeks doing the Kick Start program weight watchers offers and if I don't feel I have made good progress then I will do it one more week. After that I am back to my normal healthy eating and pushing for getting down to 150lbs by July 15th. Here we go!

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Michael5000 said...

Dude, 4.5 seems pretty trivial for a three-week vacation after all you've shed recently. I mean, keep at it and all, but there's no need to be mean to yourself.