Thursday, 29 January 2009

New and Improved Weigh in Wednesday

So after some thought I have decided to start fresh with my Wednesday weigh ins. I am not discounting the 21lbs I have already lost, this is a big achievement, however it is a new year and I am starting a new non smoking phase of my life so it seems like a good time to wipe the board clean and start a new. Just a few notes for those of you who are reading I am no longer going to covert my stones into a total pound weight. There are 14lbs to a stone if you want to convert but I am trying to embrace my British Imperial lifestyle and to be honest it was just a lot of numbers that got jumbled in my head. I am starting with the weight that I weighed when I quit smoking almost three weeks ago and working forward from there.

Weight at date of quitting 12st 4lb
1st Weigh in 12st 5lb
2nd Weigh in 12st 4.5lb

Okay before anyone says it I know that was a whole lot of melodrama last week over one pound. All I can say is that at the moment I was hanging onto the cliff over the gaping hole of non smoking by only my finger nails I had nothing else to give. This is not an excuse it is just how it was. I think I have a full grip on the cliff now and am working up the strength to start pulling myself up. Everyday is a little easier, I am not dumb enough to think there might not be some weight gain in the immediate future the facts are that my metabolism is working against me at the moment, I am getting over it. So there is none of my planning my only goal is to keep moving forward, not going to say I want to loose X amount by the end of February because I don’t quite understand the new rules of the game yet. All my plans from yesterday are still going ahead and you can watch the journey good or bad or both as it happens.

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