Monday, 5 January 2009


So I have been hiding for a while, I like to hibernate in the winter and a trip home for the holidays gave me the perfect excuse. I also noticed quite by accident last week that the next post I wrote would be my 100th post and I got all wigged out that it should be something special something earth shattering, then I got over it.

I also did not want to write the New Year’s resolutions post because I feel like life is a work in progress and while we should be continually reflecting on our path we should not feel forced to make crazy promises we won’t keep because the earth has made yet another rotation around the sun. So I have no New Year’s resolutions I do however have some goals. Some will be accomplished this year some may take many years and some will be forgotten when something shinier passes in front of me. (I am easily distracted)

Goals for 2009

Loose another 20lbs by summer. I was at 170 before I went on Christmas break and depending on the scale I step on and the time of day I have gained between 3-7lb while on break. I am already back to my healthy eating habits, only partially this weekend and whole heartedly since this morning. So by July 15th I would like to be 150lb. This is extremely close to the top end of my healthy weight range and by the time I reach here I should have a better idea of where in my healthy weight range I would like to finish up.

Choose a feature topic for my blog, assign it a day and write on that topic weekly. This will probably be a month or two in the making as I want to have 3-4 blog entries written before I go live with it, so watch this space.

Pay off the credit card. DH and I have been making great strides towards this and I know that 2009 can be the year we complete this we made huge strides in the last quarter of 2008 and have plans to keep on keepin on. It looks like there might be a chance of paying off a good size chunk of it but we will not know for sure if that will be possible until February or March time.

Quit smoking. This has been really kicking around in my mind since last fall, in many many ways I am ready to quit but every time I try to make the permanent decision I start to panic and I back off. I think it is because I know that this time it is for real, it is the last of my rebellions that I have decided I am too old to be clinging to it. I just need to bite the bullet and realize I will not die if I quit actually quite the opposite.

I want to be more house proud. Not just in the keeping it clean sense, Mr. Y in E does a pretty good job at reigning in my destruction, I am more excited about decorating and keeping it lovely. I want it to feel like it is more than the place that we sleep. That maybe there is actually a thought process to how it flows.

See more of England. Take advantage of the fact that I no longer work weekends and drag my mother in law or my husband out to the millions of cool things to see with in driving distance.

So there you have it in no particular order not sure when or how they will happen but those are the major goals for 2009.

Yes and that’s all folk one hundred post and counting. Happy New Years.

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Michael5000 said...

1. Happy 100th!

2. You know, I've basically stopped drinking the diet cola. So, maybe you could just stop smoking the cigarettes.

3. See more of England! 'Cause I can't!