Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Pitty Party is OVER

Yup that’s right, I reread my post from yesterday and the last few weeks and man I am a downer. So it is all over. Weigh in Wednesdays are back I will post the result later tonight. I fore warn you it is not pretty, weight is being gained, I am trying my hardest to keep on track and for the most part I have. I have even upped my exercise, I have however learned post quitting that your metabolism actually drops when you stop smoking. I am assured that in a few weeks it will pick back up so we shall see. I being forever optimistic thought I could buck the trend and loose weight at the same time, I was sadly mistaken. I am joining a gym this weekend as well even though I have doubled the amount of walking I am doing I don’t think it is enough so the plan is too keep the walking at the level I have worked up to as well as joining 3 one hour aerobics sessions a week. I may still gain weight but I am not going down with out a fight! The final stage of my plan is to get back to writing down everything I eat. I had gotten lazy at this because I knew most of the point values for things and could figure it in my head and it worked I was loosing weight. Now I need to figure out if I am putting things in my mouth that I am not accounting for or if I need to cut the amount of food I am eating. I will win, I have won before the rules may have changed but the game is still the same. Watch out world.

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Michael5000 said...

You're trying to do a lot at once. Don't be tough on yourself. K? K.

I stopped posting my weight on the blog because it just didn't seem very interesting, but I still weigh in and am continuing right on my plan, even on the new scale! It's not a very aggressive plan, but it's nice to be on target.