Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Slowley it is getting easier

I grabbed my umbrella yesterday morning to try and protect myself from the down pour. It was useless. But as I opened the best umbrella I had ever owned I remembered where it had come from. It had been acquired from my previous work place, I did not steal it out right, I borrowed it one evening when I was without an umbrella and the weather called for one. Some how it never went back and then my employment there no longer was.

The umbrella is fabulous, the job was anything but. As I pressed the button and the umbrella opened I thought back to this time last year when I was at above mentioned non fabulous job. My life was hell there was no other way to put it. I hated my job and that hate consumed every moment of my waking hour. Every time the train ran late it was because of my job. I didn't have enough money to buy a pot to piss in, it was my jobs fault. The weather sucked well you get the idea. I was even angrier and more bitter than now if that can be imagined.

As my umbrella popped up I thought heck giving up smoking is a lot easier than going through that crap again.

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