Monday, 19 January 2009

Sometiems life is good sometimes life is not

So it was a good and bad and good and bad weekend. Went to the Pharmacist for my breathalyzer and spoke to them about my need for my morning ciggy. She says if this is the only ciggy I am needing that I am doing really good. She also thinks if I can cut it out this week that she can drop me down to the second level patch this coming Saturday. I don't know how I am feeling about this. I have not had a morning ciggy since Wednesday morning and the last ciggy I had was on Saturday night and I was quite disgusted at myself for having it, I just happened to find a box with one ciggy left while I was cleaning up some stuff and while I knew I should just break it and throw it away it got the better of me in the long run. Hopefully this will be the week of no ciggies and I will feel confident to lower my patch.

Another disappointment at the moment is my weight. Despite stepping up my walking routine and getting in double the miles I normal get I have managed to gain a pound since weigh in. I still have three days to loose it and weekends are definitely the time I tend to over eat so hopefully I can get back on the right track before my Wednesday weigh in.

I knew there was a good chance I would gain weight when I stoped smoking and it was a hurdle I would have to overcome, I had just truly hoped that buy stepping up my walking it could be avoided. I am trying not to dwell on it and not to get so disappointed that I let my good eating habits go by the wayside.

On the good side Mr. Y in E and I enjoyed a nice 6 mile stroll to the next coastal town on Saturday. I got some great pictures and will try to post them soon.

I also realized that once I got myself out of the house I really enjoyed the walking the hardest part was getting going. I walked 1.5 miles each way to join hubby for a drink at his favorite pub yesterday. Having the pedometer makes me want to push myself to walk farther. I have already made plans to change my morning routine so I can get an earlier train and get off the tube a stop early and add even more walking to my day. I am so ready for more daylight in the evening so I can get more walking in during the week.

Thanks for listening to my pity party, hopefully it will get merrier soon.


curlywhiskersandtwitchingnoses said...

I gave up smoking On New years Eve 2000. Or should I say the last and final time as they had been (many) other attempts.

It's hard, it's hell, I remember being at the supermarket checkout shaking and sweating just because my body needed a cigarette.

I gave up then and haven't smoked since. I loved smoking but it made my chest hurt, my asthma bad, I stank, my house and car stank and I was like an addict thinking all the time of my next cigarette.

The 'I think i can' is wrong in my view. You are a strong, determined person-YOU KNOW YOU CAN or maybe 'Yes, we can!' (like that US bit hey!).

It will get easier I promise and I gained weight-it's inevitable but maybe stop trying to fight every battle at the same time-giving up smoking is really hard-allow yourself some kindness and just do that and then when you're a non smoker go for the 'thinner' non smoker goal.

I am thinking of you and wish you well. I've read some of your blog-you can do it, I know-you are bigger and better than cigarettes.

Summerthyme Studio said...

Good luck with your goal!!! I totally love my ciggies, although I am down to about 4 per day....... I'm just not ready to give them up!!!

SOunds like you are on track though

Thanks SO much for Visiting my blog!!!!


Michael5000 said...

I've been not able to run for a week and I think I've added four pounds back. On the other hand, no caffeine since Christmas! I'm at the coffeeshop with a friggin pomegranite smoothie, baby. Check me out.