Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Check back on goals

So just over a week ago I posted some goals to accomplish this week so I thought I would have a look and let you know where I am.

Loose another 20lbs by summer. The scales say I have lost the 4.5lb I gained over Christmas. Even though I have been really strict with what I eat and have upped my exercises I am skeptical but will know for sure tomorrow at weigh in. On the plus I had to go an buy a size smaller in my work pants. I like that

Pay off CC. This is definitely an ongoing thing nothing much to report still making monthly payments and working towards it

Quit smoking. A work in progress, work is easy but at home in the evening it is worse. I broke out in tears last night over something that was really not a big deal. One fag yesterday and one today, hopefully tomorrow will be zero.

House Proud. Nothing to show yet though I have been looking at some stuff to decorate our mantle piece as it seems bare now that all the Christmas decorations are down going to do some looking this weekend.

See More of England. Mr. Y in E and I are making a day trip this weekend to Walthams Abbey so Check

Blog. I have a theme chosen but need a book to start writing the posts. I checked one bookstore this morning but they did not have it. Will try to find it this weekend.

Over all not bad moving forward and that's the way we like it.

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