Monday, 2 March 2009

Kitty and Cupcakes

My DH knows me well and knows how to keep the peace. Last night I was surprised with cupcakes from a lovely bakery in London, a late birthday treat as DH did not make me a cake, all was forgiven when the red velvet cake came my way.

Kitty is not opposed to using tools to get what he wants. I made tuna bake last night and he really wanted some.
Interesting things I learned this weekend while clearing out some drawers
1. I own way to many tights, a necessary evil for my job. This is what prompted the drawer cleaning to make room so the tights could have their very own drawer.
2. Mr. Y in E is addicted to buying cough syrup, apparently not to taking it as we had 7 bottles of 4 different varieties.
3. I may never need to buy band aids or plasters as they are called here again.
4. When you get a free gift with purchase of make up it is never a color that a real human being would wear.
5. As I have lost weight I have bought clothing in smaller sizes up to three sizes smaller in some cases, but have been buying the same size knickers, this explain a whole lotta problems.

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Rebel said...

I've lost a bit of weight myself, most of my clothes are fine, if a little big, but yeah the undies- it's just weird when your undies are too big.