Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Not for the faint of heart

In my quest for healthy eating I ran across a post by Laura over at The Lazy Organizer all about green smoothies. Basically fruit and spinach smoothies, I am not a big lover of spinach but hey if the fruit covers the taste I am willing to give it a go. I made my smoothie and it was good, a lovely purple color because I had used some blueberries in it. While out shopping I picked up more spinach for my green smoothies and my husband was confused and commented on my hatred of spinach. I explained my green smoothies to him and he suggested adding spirulina powder. I will let Wiki do the talking on Spirulina. Always one to try something new I headed down to the health food store and picked some up. This is were it get a little interesting; the powder is BRIGHT green (see photo) and smells a little like cat food (I know I have a cat). At this point I was a little worried but always the adventurer I went a head and threw the recommended 1TBS in my smoothie.

As anticipated it turned the whole thing for lack of a better description baby poo green. I pulled out my special smoothie cup and poured the contents in and carefully tasted the first sip. I was amazed, while it was not as sweet at the smoothie with out the spirulina it was still highly drinkable. So I will continue my green smoothie quest in the hopes that it will help me be healthier. I shall report back if I say loose 20lbs over night or can leap tall buildings in a single bound.

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Anonymous said...

I'm also a Lazy Organizer Green Smoothie convert. I've never heard of that Spiralina stuff and may have to look into that more. Anything to make it healthier, right??