Friday, 27 March 2009


The world is full of stuff. Everywhere you go they are trying to sell you more stuff, near holidays the powers that be tries to tell you that all your friends and family really want more stuff. In turn you receive stuff. Then you have so much stuff you have to buy more stuff to store it and stuff to organize it. Then they bring out new and better stuff so you donate your old stuff so that someone with less money can buy your used stuff and they too can have stuff. Then there is the stuff for work, you have to buy a bigger hand bag so you can transport it too and fro.

I use to have very little stuff. I had one room in a house with friends and I was pretty stuff less. The mattress was mine but the rest of the furniture belonged to my friends who were kind enough to lend me their stuff. I had a few pots a few plates and utensils, and of course books but on a whole not much stuff. I was happy. My friends had LOTS of stuff, they owned a HUGE house they were renovating for a B&B and when you are doing that you need stuff. They actually did not have enough stuff yet to fill their B&B. They were more than happy to share their stuff with me and I hope that in some way I gave back something positive in return for the use of their stuff.

Now I am older and I have my own place and I have stuff and Mr. Y in E has stuff and it is too much stuff. I wish I was not so susceptible to the marketing of stuff, I was happier with less stuff, or sharing stuff. We own a Panini maker that sits in the cupboard and only gets used maybe twice a year I know Mr. Y in E enjoys Panini’s but really can’t he just buy a Panini two or three times a year.

Time to De-Stuff.

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