Tuesday, 24 February 2009

On being a girl

I am not very good at it. Somewhere I missed the lessons, I like to wear dresses and that's about it. When it comes to hair and make up I am clueless. I tell the hair dresser I am clueless if it take more than a hair brush and a blow dryer it is not the hairstyle for me. He keeps trying to get me to use product and multiple "tools". Why? If nature had intended my hair to do what ever this product or tool does then it would naturally do it.

I was very excited to learn quite recently that I have a very natural look when it comes to make up. Apparently slapping on some foundation and mascara constitutes natural seems a little unnatural to me. I was however pleased to learn that my "natural look" was not only socially acceptable but aesthetically pleasing. This is a good thing because even if it wasn't I wasn't going to change it.

Well I am off to the hair dresser to have him shove product in my face again, ha good luck

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