Sunday, 29 March 2009

Making it through

The clocks "Sprung" forward this morning. I was happy, giddy with the anticipation of another hour of light. The day has not disappointed the sun has been bright the sky clear dappled with white clouds. There is a new beginning and an ending all at the same time. The joy of knowing you have yet again made it through the darkness and come into the light. Knowing that the worst is over and better lay ahead. There is a sense of accomplishment for bearing the darkness and growing from it, almost like endurance, testing ones self to know how much one can take with the knowledge that the brightness will return. With no darkness and no cold one can not truly enjoy the light and the warmth, and I do enjoy it appreciate each moment that is given knowing the time is short and before too long the darkness will return. I can manage that though, not only manage it but grow stronger from it. There is no need to think of those things at this moment now because we are still counting up, counting to the longest day, mentally remembering all the things we are grateful for so that in a few months when we are counting down we can hold those memories close.

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