Saturday, 21 March 2009

Dear Mr. Y in E,

I lost the cat. I was doing some crafting last night and realized that he had not come to annoy me for a while and the house was very quiet. I glance over to the couch to see if he was snoozing on his favorite pillow and he wasn't. I did a quick search of his favorite places; the bed, my laundry hamper, his blankie, the new scratching post (that was a great buy) and the bathroom rug, he was no where. My heart stoped and I panicked. I was horrified that I might of left a window open and in his anger that you had left he had escaped with hope of a better life somewhere else. I quickly checked all the windows but they were closed, I sat down in the living room in desperation knowing I would have to call you and explain than in less than 12 hours of life with out you I had managed to loose our cat. In a last ditch effort i made smoochy sound hoping he might come to me. A sheepish kitty emerged from under the duvet cover I had hung on the banister to dry that morning. I am sure he has decided that this was a good place to wait and pounce on me unexpectedly.

Other things I have lost since you've been gone:

1. My favorite crafting scissors-turned out they were under a pile of patterned papers did not find them till I cleaned up last night.

2. My exacto knife - I had been using it to craft and either kitty has knocked it off the crafting table and dragged it to one of his unknown hiding places or I have put it away in the wrong spot and will find it in a few weeks when looking for something else.

3. The SudoCream I went to put some on my poor cracked nose yesterday and it was no where to be found.

I have yet to loose my keys yet but that is only a matter of time, good thing we left a spare with the neighbours.


Yankee in England

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