Sunday, 6 July 2008

Weekend Ramblings

Emma's New Hair Cut

Yup Yup here it is for all those waiting with baited breath.

Kitty Time

This is when I like him the most. Poor Rat Boy is getting his balls chopped of this week.

The Soduku Quest

I have mastered the art of Sodoku. This may not seem like much but I realized recently that I could not do it. I had tried unsuccessfully for a week to completely the easy puzzles in the evening newspaper. Now I am okay at word games not amazing, you will never see my name in the same sentence as scrabble world champion but I am not humiliatingly bad. Therefore it was terrible upsetting that I could not seem to master even the simple puzzles in the newspaper. This led to some what of a quest and off I went to buy the simplest sodoku book I could find, one that taught the theory in it. I had a basic understanding of the 1-9 for every row, column and grid but how to make that happen was not coming as easy. The book explained a technique I had never used before so after a few of the puzzles in the book I made my first attempt at the easy puzzles in the newspaper. I am now hooked and finish the easy puzzles every day and have started to try the medium difficulty puzzles. I have yet to finish one in the time it take me to get home on the train but that is my goal for next week. Instead of starting with the easy one and then moving on to the medium one when I finish I am going to start with the medium on and see if the extra time will allow me to finish it.

Teenage Debauchery

While exploring a park I have never been in yesterday I found the local spot for teenage debauchery. Off the beaten path you come across a stagnant steam which has way to much algae growing on it for my liking. You also come across a gaggle of underage drinkers making out. This made me realize that there really is nothing left in my life that I am not legally old enough to participate in. This was some what of a let down knowing that the next big age required activity would be joining the AARP.

Stupid things Emma thinks about

Something that I have been contemplating and honestly has taken up way more of my time and thought than I would like to admit is people's shirts. Those people who always looks as perfectly pressed as the moment they put their shirts on even when you know they have had it on for the last 18 hours. I met some one like this on Friday which is why this topic was brought back to mind. I knew for a fact that this particular person had been on a very early train to Brighton. He had taken part in training some of which had been very physical out on the beach. He had taken a train back to London gone back to work for an hour to tie things up for the week and I met him about 8pm in a bar. His shirt looked as perfectly pressed as the moment he picked it up from the dry cleaners. I however had taken a train to London sat on a chair all day and then met him at the bar and I looked like I had slept in my shirt for the last month. I have spent many an hour trying to decide what the cost to type of material to really good dry cleaner ratio has to be and have yet to figure it out. This I guess will continue to plague my mind.

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Michael5000 said...

The teens are "snogging"! Best British word ever, except for "ironmongerers."