Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Great birth control

My youngest sister was born when I was 13, I was in the room to witness the birth and if this was not birth control enough she ended up being a handful as a baby and a child. So I had no delusion of children being easy to rear growing up. This had just about worn off when we acquired the swamp rat. This was the best purchase in the world for deterring the thought of having children. Hemingway, as he is properly named, believes that play time starts as soon as it is light outside. In England this happens to be 4am right now. For the first six weeks we had him he whined horribly all morning when I was getting ready for work, then he learned my normal routine and would just hide himself and pounce on my bare unsuspecting feet so that I did the kitty pounce dance. I have now come to expect the pouncing so no longer dance and he just hangs off the leg of my pants for a few steps. He truly believes that any human who has entered his domain has done so to give him love and affections and if neither of these is given he makes known his displeasure.

Who ever invented trash cans that pop open when you touch the lid did not have a cat. This took rat boy about 30 seconds to figure out and now a heavy sack of potatoes lives on top when we are not home.

In many ways we have it easy, no diapers to change I just clean out the litter box every day or so. We also have no child care to worry about and the amount of toys he has is quite minimal compared to what children seem to acquire. He is actually happiest playing with the little plastic tops that come on sports drinks.

I think that Hemingway will be an only child for quite a while and that will suite him just fine

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Michael5000 said...

Cats all the way, baby! SO much easier than little humans...