Saturday, 12 July 2008

Weekend Dribble

Things I've learned this week

Going shopping after a bad day is not a good idea. I walked out with a tub of Ben & Jerry's a slice of cheese cake two packs of crisps a Pepsi and a chocolate bar. The only remotely decent thing in my bag was lunch meat for sandwiches.

My grandmother reads my blog. This made my heart skip a beat, had I said anything really horrible, how many curse words had I used, and had I mentioned anything about my drug habit. Luckily I had not mentioned my drug habit so I think we are okay.

I only have one thing to say grandma, leave a comment now and then. I think old college professor 5000 is getting tired of being the only person who leaves comments.

Things I probably should not have laughed at this week

While on the train Friday night all of a sudden a huge amount of white downy feathers flew in the open windows and started floating around. It was kind of surreal like that plastic bag video in American Beauty. Then I realized that the reason there were a bunch of feathers floating around in the carriage was probably that we had hit a bird and I felt terrible for the loss of life.

My husband spent a good amount of time re caulking the seal around the tub a few weeks ago, Rat boy was not too impressed by this and the other day scraped most of it up. My husband told me this over the phone and I just could not help it.

Things you should probably not laugh at but I give you permission

While stepping out of my door yesterday I caught my foot on the threshold and as I was already twisting to turn out the door this cause me to fall on my backside in a non elegant fashion. Luckily our street was empty so no one witness my unplanned acrobatics. My tail bone will probably be reminding me of it for a few days though.

Things I found this weekend

A card I bought over a year ago for Philip's Aunt's birthday in October. I could not find it when said birthday arrived so I had to buy another one. Luckily the musical part of the card still works so we will give it another try this year. I set a reminder on my calender that tells me where I put it.

Things I did not find this weekend.

My really cool metal ruler I use for my scrap booking and card making. It has to be around here somewhere.

Things you could probably do without knowing

Rat boy is now Rat eunuch, this whole process does not seemed to have bothered him too much so I should just get over my guilt.

1 comment:

Michael5000 said...

Oh, I'm OK being the only commenter. It gives me the illusion of winning all the arguments.

You were wrong about your bag of groceries, by the way. The tub of Ben & Jerry's was a "remotely decent thing," and then some!