Sunday, 27 July 2008

Weekend Rambling

The Nieces

Okay I know I am a little bias but I do think I have two of the cutes nieces ever.

We had a great day yesterday at Darby Lake and Hyde Hall. For all of you who live in England and near London, Hyde Hall is a must. It is a Royal Horticultural Society site. It is only five pounds to get in and it is huge. I am excited to head back at a later date as by the time we got there the girls were pretty tired and we did not get to see a lot of it.

I am so amazed at how different they are. The older on is such a girly girl. The moment a camera comes out she poses. It is so hard to get a photo of her not posing. The younger one is crazy. She was running on some gravel and fell over. Getting up she laugh and said "I hurt myself" and laughed again like it was a joke. If this had happened to the other one she would have wailed loud enough for the queen to hear in her private chambers in Buckingham Palace and would have limped all day as if she were mortally wounded.

The older one also never stops talking. Really never. At one point I told her if she carried on talking at this rate she would run out of things to say before she was six. She stopped for a second to think about it and then said "No way" and carried on.

They are very fun to be with, they are even more fun to hand back to their parents at the end of the day.

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