Thursday, 10 July 2008

Timing is everything

The building I have been working at for the last three days has those turnstile doors that you step into push and go around until you are in the building. This in and of itself is not remarkable, the way that the tenants of the building use it however is. It is absolutely amazing to watch during busy times there is a perfect rhythm to the going in and coming out. The door is not automatic it relies on you to push it but some how no one misses a beat. I have given this way to much thought and come to the only conclusion that makes sense to me. The building is occupied by a German bank and about 75% of the employees are German. I know this sounds like the old stereotypes for the Germans being so efficient, but I have worked at a number of other building where people could not seem to manage to exit and enter the same space of the turnstile door. This left empty spaces and therefore caused a longer wait to leave and enter the building.

This whole process is like art to watch and I find myself mesmerized by it on my lunch and cigarette breaks. It also makes it quite daunting to try and enter the building knowing that if you break the rhythm that everyone will be staring at you think oh my gosh what a stupid girl she can’t even manage to keep the rhythm going. As I approach in the morning I do so slowly and watch as one might what the ropes in a double Dutch jump rope game I find the rhythm and only then do I approach the door to enter.

Maybe if I used this process in other parts of my life I would not be so apt to stick my foot in my mouth or make a fool of myself. I don’t think that slowing down watching the rhythm and then making my move is such a bad idea.

Sodoku Update

For all of you who really probably don't care, I was able to finish the medium difficulty sodoku puzzle first time yesterday on the train. I feel that I did quite well I was able to quickly skim the newspaper to the part where sodoku is and then finish the puzzle all in 20 min.

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