Friday, 11 July 2008

Things that bug Emma

1. There is a way to fill a train carriage so that a majority of people have the most available space for the most amount of time, no one thinks of this when they sit down.

2. Cold calls were they mispronounce your name so badly you wonder what planet they are from.

3. Shops that only take cash. I never have any on me unless I know I will need it. Hello your a cafe outside a really busy train station take my freaking debit card.

4. The fact that all of the sales start the third week of the month and I don't get payed till the last week of the month meaning that by the time I have money they don't have what I want in my size.

5. Small print and the * signs in ads. Either you are offering what you say you are offering or you are not. I was reading one for a bank one time and they had so many * and other symbols that I realized that you could only get the deal on the 29th of February as long as it fell on a Tuesday, there was a crescent moon, and it was the year of the dragon.

6. Yellow cars-it is just wrong

7. Folding Duvet covers wrong side out. I know there is an argument for it being easier for you to put them on but this is not how I do it nor my husband, but someone in my house who shall remain unnamed(yup you guessed it the cat) folds them inside out.

8. People in a crowded shop or street who just stop like there is no one behind them.

9. People who don't seem to realize that their white cotton gauze dress is shear enough to show their (insert any bright color here)knickers.

10. People who don't realize that as in driving there is a slow lane in walking, KEEP TO THE RIGHT. There is a congestion zone for cars in London. I think there should be a congestion zone for tourist if they want to be in the way during rush hour. Nothing pisses me off more than when a group of 30-50 people just stop and block 4 city blocks because they don't know where they are going. I know where I am going and I only have 2min to catch the 5:56 train.

11. When they discontinue my favorite Ben&Jerry's flavor or my favorite sugar laden ice blended coffee flavored drink. The worst is when they bring out seasonal items. This leads me to over indulge since I know that they will only be available for a few months.

12. When two branded (insert large coffee shop chain) can not make (insert high calorie blended ice coffee flavored drink)the same. If I go into any Starbucks I want my drink of the moment to taste the same as the one I got last week at a shop three towns over.

13. Whole basil leave in sandwiches, I cant believe anyone likes them they are too strong. Chop them up and use sparingly.

14. Ring tones that play the whole latest annoying song and the people who know their phone is ringing but let it go on for the whole 3 1/2 min so they can hear the song.

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Michael5000 said...

Conclusion: Emma, ya got a good life! May all our troubles remain so small.

(And I'm not criticizing you for making the list, by the way. I don't know if I'd be able to stop at 14, if I got going.....)