Sunday, 20 July 2008

Weekend Rambling

Kicking it old school
This weekend my husband and I kicked it old school and engaged in games of Slap Jack and War. I don’t know that our down stairs neighbour appreciated us slapping on the card table at 9:30 at night but we enjoyed ourselves.

American History and Geogrophy 101
My co worker at my current site on Monday asked for a brief American history lesson. This lead to the drawing of the really bad ruff hand map of the US of A the squiggly east coat, Florida a C for the Gulf of Mexico and the squiggly west coast. This also led to a demand to name all 50 states. I made it to 45 quite quickly managed to get two more and then had a complete brain fart. If anyone is wondering I left out Arkansas, Minnesota (neither one a huge loss) and Missouri. Missouri led to me to feel a little stupid as I lived there for several years growing up. The next day as soon as I arrived a blank map of the US was placed in front of me and I was told to fill it in, I should have seen this coming. I missed two, Rhode Island was not very easy to see and as I had completely forgotten about Delaware I labelled Delaware as Rhode Island. I am surprisingly happy with these results since I have never been very good with the Upper east coast states and I had no advanced warning. I am happy to report that after a week my co worker can name all fifty states in alphabetical order and place 32 of the 50 on a map at last try. Next week I thought it was only fair that we learn the counties of England since my English co worker can’t even name them. If we can get through this the following week with be the counties of Europe. I have to say this makes me nervous as I have never been very good with the Eastern block countries.

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