Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Whats in your diaper bag?

I noticed the other day while I was people watching on the train that our train actually looked more like a Ryan Air short haul than a commuter train for London. When did we start packing weekend bags for our daily commute to and from work? I am no better and share the shame in this new trend. It seems like our mothers are not longer carrying our diaper bags for us, we are carrying them ourselves.

Instead of bottles of milk we now have our water bottles and soda bottles heaven forbid we dehydrate in the one hour commute

Instead of dry cereal to snack on we have any manner of items nuts, seeds, cereal bars and many others.

Instead of a change of clothes should we get dirty we are wearing our comfy clothes and shoes and have out work clothes and shoes packed.

Instead of hard cardboard books we have the paperback kind.

Instead of colouring books we have Suduko, or crossword books.

Instead of jars of baby food we have our packed lunches.

Instead of hard plastic toys we have Mp3 player, or phones, or Nintendo DS, or any other myriad of hand held games.

Basically we never grew up we just got more expensive diaper bags with more expensive contents.

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