Sunday, 22 June 2008

Marriage Counselling

My husband and I only own a laptop. We have a small flat really not a lot of room to store the whole kit and caboodle, plus we use it for the normal stuff. Internet, word processor, store photos, and as of late music for the I Pod. I did warn my husband not to rip every CD he owned onto the computer when he got the I Pod but excitement over took him and one can hardly blame I know how excited I get when I get a new toy.

It began slowly, just the CDs he wanted on his I Pod at the time, then all of his 200+ collection. Then 50 of his brothers, then 50 of his best friends, and all of a sudden we had absolutely no C: drive space. I tried to overlook it, he loves his music and this gave him easy access to it. How could I be a horrible witch and tell him that now it was all on his I Pod he needed to delete it off of the computer?

Friday night this all came to a head when I tried to download a TV show I had missed and it would not let me because I didn’t have enough disk space. I spent an hour and a half cleaning up as much of the C: drive as I could. Enough to watch my program but I knew we were only a few CDs away from breaking the camel’s back. So off we trotted this morning to Curry’s to take a look at external hard drives. For £49.99 we are now the proud owners of a 160GB external hard drive. For about the same price as an hour and a half of marriage counselling I got therapy from watching all of his music files and an insane number of American car photos being transferred. Then I got even more therapy deleting all of the files. To complete my therapy I emptied the recycle bin. I am sure to get the warm fuzzy feeling I have right now I would have need 4-8 sessions with a therapist, so I am voting this purchase into the money well spent category.

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Michael5000 said...

I never found compromises, accomodations, and mutually acceptable solutions romantic. Then I got married....