Friday, 6 June 2008

London Bridge is Falling Down Falling Down

A great view from London bridge at Cannon Street rail station, you can see the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral.

A view from the south bank looking at London Bridge. The one above it is Tower Bridge. A lot of people get them confused.

Now that I have a real lunch break I have decided to use it see different parts of London and Friday I was in a great location to go to Borough Market which is the oldest fruit and veg market in London. It is on the South side of London bridge and along with fruit and veg it offers amazing pastries, cheese, and meats. In season it is great place to buy wild mushrooms. When I went late in the summer last year I saw some amazing morels, trumpets, and oyster mushrooms. I settles for a lamb kofta and a range of baklava for lunch.

Southwark Cathedral is just in front of the market. I read somewhere it was the oldest cathedral in London.

Useful links for the retarded like me who want as much information as possible
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