Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Trying to find a 12 step program

Hi my name is Emma and I’m addicted to Pathword. There that’s the first step isn’t it? I have admitted it.

For those of you who do not know what Pathword is I will explain. It is one of the millions of games on facebook. You try to connect letters in a board to make words and as you do they all shift and new letters appear. You get 10 points for three letter words and then it goes up from there. You have two minutes to find as many words as possible. I have 490 points. I am the highest rated of my friends who play it, but since I only have one other friend who plays it and she is in the middle of planning her wedding which is tomorrow I don’t know that I can really say that I am that good at it.

I have been stuck at 490 points for two days and no matter how hard I try I can’t hit the five hundred mark. This irritates me to no end.

I blame my brother for my addiction. He sent me an invitation to play Mind Jolt. I went to check it out and had no interest to play it but there was an advertisement for Pathword so I checked it out. Now I’m hooked.

I do find it interesting though that the cousin I have not seen for the past five years and I challenge each other to games. We were never that close growing up. She lived more than a days drive from where I lived so we only saw each other every 2-3 years as children and less as we got older and life responsibilities took hold. However now thanks to Pathword we play together and chat online. Who have thought that a stupid word game on facebook would have brought us together after all these years? Well I guess my addiction can’t be that bad if it has brought me closer to my family. 500 points here I come.

Note to Reader: Just after posting this I played a game of Pathword(well I am addicted you know) and scored 670 points. Finally my two day dry spell is over.

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