Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Overheard on the train

On my train home last night there was a young couple with their son who was around four years old I would guess. His mother had handed him a match box size dump truck and he was happily playing with it making the appropriate dump truck sounds. As we pulled into Stratford the sight for the 2012 Olympics and he saw all the construction, trucks, and what not his eyes got really big and he asked if father what it was. “A huge waste of money” came his reply. “Why?” Asked the little boy. “Because we are spending billions of Pounds to build everything needed to host the games and then all of it will sit empty.” “Okay” said the little boy and continued playing with his dump truck. A few stops later a lady in her mid sixties boarded the train and sat down opposite of the young family. “What are you making?” she asked the little boy. “A huge waste of money.”