Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Classic Emma Moment

I am at a different office than normal and needed to use the toilet so on my way back to the staff kitchen I noticed some. I saw a little man on the first door so I assumed the second door was the ladies and did not look at the plaque. The urinals were the first clue I was in the wrong place. Being in la la land where I spend most of my time I just walked back to the first door and walked through. Now you would think the fact that I had walked into the wrong one the first time around would make me take extra care and maybe look at the plaque, well you would be wrong. The urinals were red flags again and I walked out pretty rosy cheeked from blushing and this time I realized that both doors had little men on the plaques. Turns out the women’s was down the hall.

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Michael5000 said...

You would think that the lack of urinals would have been a clue in that movie theater restroom in Lawrence. Or the pink.

Fortunately, the place was empty when I stumbled in, found a stall, and did the obvious.

Unfortunately, it was no longer empty when it came time to leave.

That was embarassing.