Monday, 11 June 2012

slightly less up tight

We leave for the US on Friday and in a reversal of roles Philip is being the prepared one.  That use to be my role the planner, preparer, slightly neurotic in every way.  Not any more, I attribute this to motherhood.  One reason is I don't multi task as well as I use to and I need to finish up with work tomorrow before I can completely turn my attention to packing and getting us organized.  I have have done research into traveling with children and planned and pack Jocleynne's carry on but that's as far as I have gotten.

The second reason I seem to have chilled with my planning is if motherhood has taught me one thing it is flexibilty. You can plan all you want but really doesn't matter with kids there are to many variables, you do your best but a good portion of it is if the stars are all aligned properly.  Jocelynne's age also give us a lot of freedom, while she drinks better out of sippy cups she does fine with a normal cup, she eats almost everything, and running around like a crazy idiot is her favourite activity.  I have also learned that pretty much everything the might be forgotten can either be lived with out or purchased.  

I remember the first changing bag we packed to take Jocelynne out it could have lasted us weeks, I am sure it had no less than 10 diaper in it.  Yes even with a newborns love of filling their diaper 10 would have pretty much made it through most of a day and we were only planning to be out for a day or two.  Actually with the exception of number of diapers packed I think our first changing bag had more "stuff" in it than her carry on bag.  I guess that is the learning curve that come with parenthood.

Here is hoping that I haven't become too free style.

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