Tuesday, 5 June 2012


I signed up for Pinterest a while ago but wasn't quite sure how or why I wanted to use it.  It took me a while and I am still learning on a whole, but it is helping me to keep all those millions of things I see and think "that might be useful on day" all in one place.  When I have a few free minutes here or there I do love to just have a look on the popular posts section.  On one of those occasions I came across Nutella Puppy Chow.  Puppy Chow held fond memories from my child hood, not literally dog food but Chex cereal that has been coated in chocolate and dusted with powder sugar.  I have to say it was messy and time consuming but was worth the effort.  Make sure you have a large party to serve this at or you will having an overwhelming desire to sit and eat this until you are ill from the amount Nutella Puppy Chow you have consumed!


Jacqueline and Andy said...

What's your pinterest name? :)

Yankee in England said...

Hi Jaqueline I have added a follow me on Pinterest on the side of the blog so you can follow if you like!

Jacqueline and Andy said...