Sunday, 10 June 2012

Pinterest Success

One of my earliest memories of staying with my grandparents was bread and butter pickles that my grandmother canned and could be found in the fridge in mason jars.  I loved the sweet and tangy flavour they had, I found this recipe on Pinterest  pinned by a amazing blogger who not only am I impressed with her amazing talent as an artist but her theory on life and true ability to "have fun" with her kid.  Ali Edwards is amazing but I digress back to the pickles.

The recipe turned out amazing, I too halved the recipe and unless you are truly crazy about pickles it makes more than plenty.  Moving the cucumbers from the colander where they had been salted and drained to the Kilner jar turned out to be a perfect job for a certain almost two year old. I used Splenda in the place of sugar and feel it tuned out just as nice.  Word of warning you should use a fork instead of your fingers to pick the pickles out of the jar as the turmeric will stain your fingers yellow.

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