Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pinterest Fails

The problem with Pinterest is it can become a great place to dump all the stuff and ideas you see and love never be used or looked at again.  I was starting to feel like that, I would see fab recipes or great craft projects or even really cool manicures and they would just sit in their respective board sometimes forgotten. So in a bid to not have that happen I have been trying to work my way through some of my pins.  Some have turned out amazing and I hope to share those in the future but I also thought it might be fun to share some failed projects.

Photo via The Beauty Department
This manicure was both a success and failure.  I did a friends nails going from the lightest shade to darkest and on a whole it turned out really well.  I then tried to do mine going from the darkest shade to the lightest and failed. One of the reasons was it just took to many layers of nail polish, working from lightest to darkest while I had to use two coats of the lightest shade the medium and dark shade only required one coat each making for six layers including a base and top coat.  From darkest to lightest required two layers of dark, and medium shade and three of the lightest shade to get full coverage.  I also had a problem with the stickers ripping up the nail polish which I have since learned is because I left them on too long. You want to remove them as soon as you have pained the colour on for a clean line.  On a whole though very time consuming and as I can only get 3-4 days out of a manicure before it starts chipping not something I would invest my time in again.

Photo via Our Best Bites
I was very excited about this recipe I can't remember how I came across it but so excited I made poor Philip run to the grocery store in the pouring rain to pick up more cucumbers so I could make it.  I think most of the reason it failed was error on my part as the flavour was good, the cucumbers however were slime.  I am not sure if I did not let the dressing cool down enough, or if my cucumbers were cut too thin ( I think they were) or if I didn't salt the cucumbers enough or give them enough time to release their water. As I said the flavour of the dressing was good it was just the texture of the cucumbers so I think I will give this another go in the future.

Photo via Juggling with Kids
This just didn't turn out any where as nice as the photo from Juggling with Kids, I sometimes wonder if formulas for things like baby oil are slightly different here in the UK or maybe I lost count when I was measuring out the flour.  I also have to say this was a fail on my part for lack of fore thought.  This activity was a little beyond age appropriate for J and her friend who was over at the time.  Not only that due to the fact that 20 month olds don't sit nicely at the table and keep the mess in the container I ended up with a mixture of flour and baby oil ground into my carpet. Amazingly Philip was able to get it out I am not sure how but he is amazing.  If I tried this again I would definitely make it an out door activity.

Have you had any epic fails or epic successes with ideas you have found on Pinterest?

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