Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bank Holiday Hangover

An extra long Bank Holiday, plus an extra day off for Philip last Friday, plus picking up a bunch of extra hours at work, plus a whole lot of fun, plus cousins down for a visit led to me waking up this morning with an overflowing laundry hamper, a large stack of dirty dishes, house work that had been semi neglected over the weekend, and a toddler who was out of routine with a look that said "well the last five days have been a blast Mom what are you going to do to entertain me today?"

After pulling myself together J and I did a quick blitz of the dishes and started what ended up being 3 loads of laundry before heading to Grandma's house for one last visit with the cousins before they went back home (and a use of Grandma's tumble dryer lest our whole flat be taken over by racks of clothes drying). 3 loads of laundry, a nap, a trip to town on foot to run errands and blow off some energy as well, 45 minutes in the queue at the post office, a batch off home made soup, and a few more loads of dishes and our rhythm is slowly returning.  It amazes me how much can be accomplished if J is in a good mood and willing to entertain her self with her toys or the contents of the kitchen drawers while I work.  It is also amazing how little I can accomplish when she isn't!

Just to round our day off nicely J said purple this evening, clear as anything.  She was repeating something I had said about her shoes being purple. It wasn't burple, or purbble it was purple.  Gives me hope she might say please one day instead of puh.

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