Friday, 31 October 2008

Lost, walking, and gelato.

First I would just like to say holy crap batman it is cold. Really really chilled to the bone I broke down and actually turned the heat on to 15c cold. It has been getting down to almost 0c at night which is just not cool, or warm as it may be. This has certainly hampered my master plan to make up excuses to go walking. I don't really plan walks I just make sure I am really inefficient and make lots of trips to lots of places, I do try to walk over my lunch break and yesterday when I was at a site that has three building set up over 1/4 of a mile I made sure I volunteered to do the errand running between buildings. It payed off my pedometer said i walked 7.14 miles yesterday! Woo hoo.

This was somewhat negated by the fact that I found a gelato shop near where I was working. Good thing I probably won't be going back to that site for a very long time. I find that on a whole your normal everyday ice cream in England is &^%* so it is really not a temptation but who can resist gelato, apparently not me. I did order a small.

Lost, I am not sure if I am just over it or the fact that this was a short series due to the writers strike but I thought it fell short. Don't get me wrong I still find it much better than most programs on TV but it seems a little magic is gone. I guess we will have to see how the next series goes.


Michael5000 said...

British ice cream is swill. But oh those flapjacks.....

Yankee in England said...

Um I am thinking I am going to need to find you a recipe you are a little obsessed with the flapjacks